Fishing Boats- Ever Wonder What Are The Latest Ones?

Most of the fishing boats present in the market these days comes in range from eight foot to sixty foot. The eight foot smaller boats are called “Jon boats” and the others ones are called Deep sea fishing boats. These are mostly made of fiberglass or aluminum. Both of the patterns have their own positive and negative points. Jon boats are perfectly fitted for small ponds and lakes and can carry two people with ease. These are flat-bottomed which are equipped with a motor. The motor that comes with these is usually of less than 10 horsepower. More precisely these are made of aluminum and they come in a length somewhere between eight to fourteen feet.

These can also be doubled as a duck hunting boat. Deep-‘V’ pattern of rigs are also really popular. The “V” refers to the bottom or depth of the boat’s hull. There are three popular styles of this vessels which are deep-V, regular-V or modified-V. This V-shaped depth of a floating vessel determines how well the boat can cut through the water. Deep-V fishing rigs are specially made for deep and large lakes where there are heavy waves. The depth of the hull gives it stability on the water surface. Regular-V boats are specially suited for smaller and man-made lakes. These are for not so turbulent water. These are also known as modified-V boats and they are by far the most popular fishing vessels around.

Modified-V boats come with motors that have up to 200 horsepower. These motors allow them to have a speed more than or double as a speedboat. If you are planning to go out for skiing or tubing, this fishing boat is the best. A range of 5 horsepower to 200 horsepower of motors are usable for fishing boats. Patterns of motors that are used on boats are briefly of outboard, inboard, jet propelled and air propelled styles. What kind of motor you want to have in your boat is your choice. But you need to consider the water conditions where you want to sail your boat. Like outboard and jet propelled are the motors that should be used on boats which are to be used on smaller lakes. And the remaining types of motors are for larger lakes.

If you are traveling on lakes where you can get heavy underwater debris then you should attach a propelled motor on your fishing boat. Aluminum fishing boats can range from 10 foot to 24 foot long. Most of the boat sellers paint them in such a way that they look like fiberglass vessels. They can be painted to look like a fiberglass boat or left plain with only decals or striping to accent the look. Aluminum boats are best for man-made lakes as these boats are more rugged than fiberglass. Their solid pattern help them to resist puncture from underwater trees or other debris.

Fiberglass fishing boats are perfectly fit for larger lakes and can be used on large lakes. These can be doubled as a ski boat. And these boats will also surprise you with their sleeping quarters aboard. Almost all the deep-sea rigs have a fiberglass hull these days. You can make your rig equipped with accessories like live fish finders, carpeting, wells, fishing seats, coolers, captains chairs, trolling motors and just about anything else you want to see on your board.

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